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A Beautiful World of Sovereign Nation States! ΤΙΠΟΤΑ ΔΕΝ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΥΧΑΙΟ: Γιατί εκλέχθηκε 45ος πρόεδρος των ΗΠΑ ο Ν.Τραμπ και όχι η Χ.Κλίντον: Οι_«8»_βασικοί λόγοι

It's the final week of the election. The DNC is in panic, leaks are pouring out, Project Veritas videos mount up, Crooked Hillary's poll numbers have sunk like lead, and Comey has restarted his investigation - all the while he is recanting this election and putting together the pieces of the puzzle of Trump's rise and the Clinton crime family.

του Πέτρου Αναστασίου - pronews
Ο Ντόναλντ Τραμπ και επίσημα ο 45ος πρόεδρος των ΗΠΑ, νίκησε γιατί οι ΗΠΑ είχαν φτάσει στο όριό τους μετά από μια οκταετία διακυβέρνησης του Μ.Ομπάμα, όπου συνέβησαν πολλά που οι Αμερικανοί απέρριπταν και κατά βάσει γιατί η αμερικανική οικονομία έχει εκτροχιαστεί, όχι σε επίπεδο χρηματοοικονομικό, αλλά σε επίπεδο παραγωγικό.

1. Η παραγωγή από την δεκαετία του 1980 έχει υποχωρήσει σε ποσοστό 30% και έχει μεταφερθεί εκτός ΗΠΑ λόγω "παγκοσμιοποίησης" ή απλά δεν έχει μεταφερθεί και έχουν κλείσει τα εργοστάσια, πάλι λόγω "παγκοσμιοποίησης": Η παλιά βιομηχανική πόλη του του Ντιτρόιτ, έδρα της αμερικανικής αυτοκινητοβιομηχανίας, έχει καταντήσει πόλη-φάντασμα. Οι Αμερικανοί έχουν χάσει τις δουλειές τους στην βαριά βιομηχανία, στα ορυχεία που κλείνουν και όλοι αυτοί ψήφισαν Ν.Τράμπ.

2. Επίσης οι Αμερικανοί θέλουν να οπλοφορούν. Ο Μ.Ομπάμα και η Χ.Κλίντον δεν ήθελαν.

3. Ο Ν.Τραμπ είχε ταχθεί υπέρ του ελέγχου της λαθρομετανάστευσης. Μαζί του τάχθηκαν και οι... πρώην λαθρομετανάστες, Μεξικάνοι, Πορτορικάνοι κλπ. που βλέπουν να χάνουν τις δουλειές τους από τους νεοφερμένους! Η Κλίντον, και οι Δημοκρατικοί θέλουν, περίπου, ανοικτά τα σύνορα!

4. Ο Ν.Τράμπ είναι κανονικός (straight) άνδρας. Και μιλάει και ως άνδρας στις ιδιωτικές του συνομιλίες για τις γυναίκες (αντίστοιχα μιλούν και οι γυναίκες στις ιδιωτικές τους συνομιλίες για τους άνδρες).

Αυτό για τους Δημοκρατικούς και τους υποστηρικτες τους, που επί Μ.Ομπάμα σηκώνουν σημαίες στις πρεσβείες τους στο εξωτερικό, υπέρ των λεσβιών, γκέι, κλπ., θεωρήθηκε περίπου ως "έγκλημα". Αλλά για την πλειοψηφία των Αμερικανών αυτό δεν είναι - ακόμα - έγκλημα.

5. Ο Ν.Τραμπ είναι ένας επιτυχημένος δισεκατομμυριούχος. Η Χ.Κλίντον είναι μια διεφθαρμένη μαφιόζα μέλος του "βαθέως" αμερικανικού κράτους με τα αδικήματα που έχει διαπράξει να αρκούν για να κλείσουν έναν μέσο Αμερικανό για 500 χρόνια στην φυλακή. Οι Αμερικανοί, όσο και αν τα αλλοτριωμένα ΜΜΕ είχαν ταχθεί υπέρ της Κλίντον, δεν είναι τελείως μ...κες. Ψήφισαν αυτόν που δεν έχει ανάγκη να τους κλέψει.

6. Ο Ν.Τραμπ, τύπους σαν τον Τ.Σόρος, τους έχει για να του σκουπίζουν τα πόδια. Για την Χ.Κλίντον ήταν απλά, ο βασικός της χρηματοδότης.

7. Τα ΜΜΕ μπορεί να επηρεάζουν, αλλά δεν μπορούν να κοροϊδεύουν εσαεί τους πολίτες. Αυτό επιχείρησαν να κάνουν με την Χ.Κλίντον και δεν τα κατάφεραν.

8. Αν εκλεγόταν η Χ.Κλίντον, οι πιθανότητες για έναν Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο, θα ήταν όχι απλά αυξημένες, αλλά πολύ υψηλές. Η χημεία μεταξύ των διεθνών ηγετών, είναι πολύ σημαντική. Ο Β.Πούτιν με τον Μ.Ομπάμα έχουν πολύ κακή χημεία και αυτός είναι ένας βασικός λόγος που έχει εκτροχιαστεί σε σημαντικό βαθμό η διεθνής ασφάλεια. Με την Χίλαρι, θα ήταν απλά ανύπαρκτη. Οι Αμερικανοί δεν ήθελαν να ρισκάρουν έναν παγκόσμιο πόλεμο. "Ψιλοσυμπαθούν" και τον Β.Πούτιν, οπότε...

Ολα αυτά το pronews.gr το μοναδικό μεγάλο ΜΜΕ στην Ελλάδα που είχε διακρίνει ότι η πιθανότητα να εκλεγεί ο Ν.Τραμπ ήταν αυξημένη και πιο πιθανή από το να εκλεγεί η Χ.Κλίντον, τα είδε και τα αναγνώρισε. Ολοι οι άλλοι φαντασιώνονταν νίκη Χ.Κλίντον. Αλλά αυτά θα τα πούμε και θα τα αναλύσουμε στην συνέχεια...

All over the world - the spread of the Trump revolution continues for a free people and sovereign nations free from the clutches of globalism and Islamic terrorism. If being nationalistic, patriotic, and free people who enjoy the riches of modern civilization is considered "deplorable" then count us in and consider us UNITED!

Music from Les Miz (2012 film) - "Do you hear the people sing"


A World of Donald Trumps

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDUwXFvTJfA Hello to all you beautiful, based supporters! I want to thank you for watching this video and most of all for being on board this movement, it means so much to all of us as Americans and citizens in sovereign nations all over the world who long for freedom from globalism and Islamic terror. Some people have been asking "who are all the 'Trumps' around the world" (most of it taken from the picture in the description) and that I will explain in this comment: UNITED KINGDOM - 0:53 - Nigel Farage: Most of us are familiar with Brexit and the man behind it, Nigel Farage. Farage is the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and has been fighting against the globalists, big banks, and the EU, for a long time now. This year, the UK voted to leave the EU, a decision which was derided by every elitist from Soros to Obama, and the supporters were called names such as racists, xenophobic, and even "deplorable." The rest is history! GERMANY - 1:05 - Frauke Petry: Germany is also fighting back Merkel's disastrous refugee policy, mainly through a party known as AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) which recently won a multitude of legislative elections to erode control of Merkel's parties, some journalists calling it "Black Friday" for Merkel and her party. The people you see waving the flags at Brandenburg Gate are the Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs, a smaller allied movement that celebrated the AfD victory. SERBIA - 1:16 - Vojislav Šešelj: When VP Joe Biden went to visit the country recently on diplomatic duties, the Serbian Radical Party mobilized to not only protest Biden's visit, but to show him and the rest of the world a message: "VOTE TRUMP!" JAPAN - 1:26 - Shinzo Abe: Japan's current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe has been fighting for his country to become a stronger, independent power, and is against China's encroachment in Asia. He leads the Liberal Democratic Party (right-wing) and is for re-militarizing Japan, better trade deals, and an alliance against the communist Chinese. FRANCE - 1:28 - Marion Maréchal-Le Pen and Marine Le Pen: The aunt/niece duo known as the Le Pens have lead their party, the Front National, a party against globalism, Islamization, and fighting to retain French identity. They have since gained more power and voice in their politics due to the multitudes of Islamic terror attacks from Paris to Nice. It has become one of the largest political forces in Europe and Marine Le Pen is now leading in polls to become the country's next president. AUSTRALIA - 1:36 - Tony Abott - Australia once had a problem with the "boat people", illegal immigrants that dangerously came into Australia from South East Asia that flooded the nations infrastructure/resources and put many of Australia's citizens and legal immigrants in a terrible position of losing power and respect in their country. That all changed once Tony Abott of the Liberal party became the country's PM. POLAND - 1:41 - Jaroslaw Kaczynski - Poland has long been in the fight against socialism since the Nazis invaded, and against communism since the Soviets invaded. It has become even stronger since then and also leads the fight in the EU Parliament against the EU through the Law and Justice party. Kaczynski is the current country's PM and is also allied with Viktor Orban of Hungary against mass, illegal, Islamic migration, and pride's the country's Catholic values. ITALY - 1:47 - Virginia Raggi and Beppe Grillo - Italy's 5 Star Movement is a recent political powerhouse in Italy that is also fighting against the globalists, EUs and powerful conglomerates that intend to erode Italy's identity and history. At the seat of Rome's mayoral election, Virginia Raggi recently won this year to become Rome's first 5 Star and first woman mayor. AUSTRIA - 1:50 - Norbert Hofer - Austria's Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, or Freedom Party has become a dominant force in the country, also against the EU, globalism, and Islamization. The country is one step closer to freedom under the lead of Norbert Hofer, whom is now running in a re-do of the previous election. HUNGARY - 1:53 - Viktor Orbán - Fidesz has been the nation's leading party for years, and Hungary stays in the fights against the EU through it's longtime, and popular prime minister, Viktor Orban. It is vehemently against the flood of refugees coming into Europe and has recently built a wall to protect it's citizens, both natural and legal immigrants. MEXICO - 2:30 - Enrique Peña Nieto - Probably deserves a little special mention since Donald Trump meet with him and he has been called "a friend" by Trump. Nieto also cares for his country, and is recently building a wall between itself and Guatemala (that for some reason we're paying for? http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/US-Mexico-Border-Wall/2016/09/15/id/748502/). We hope to work together with Mexico to end illegal immigration, on laws, fair trade, and ending the cartell nightmare. HONG KONG - Nathan Law - 2:41 - The autonomous region of Hong Kong has been continually subjugated and oppressed of it's democratic values since the communist Chinese have had control of it. Against all odds of a rigged election, Hong Kongers stood up and voted the symbol of the Umbrella protests, Nathan Law to further increse their Pan-Democraticic/Independence majority in the legislature. SWEDEN - Jimmie Åkesson - 2:45 - Sweden is fast becoming a third world by 2030 according to the UN, due to the massive influx of Islamic and North African migrants that fail to assimilate. The Swedish Democrats have stood up in the face of the death of their country, and are lead by Jimmie Åkesson, to bring back it's Nordic values, and continues to fight the uphill battle against the progressive dooming of their nation. NETHERLANDS - Geert Wilders - 2:49 - Wilders has become an international superstar who is vehemently against the Islamization of Europe and the EU's control over every aspect of their lives. He leads the Party for Freedom. He and has party have been attacked on the left for the same accusations that Trump has recieved, and he has recently come out in support for Trump as well, even attending the RNC in the summer. TAIWAN - Tsai Ing-wen - 2:54 - Taiwan has had a tumultuous history with it's much larger, oppressive sister, China. It is now taking one step forward and severing the ties from the mainland for good under the Democratic Progressive Party, which stands for nationalism, autonomy, and is vehemently anti-communist. Tsai Ing-Wen, become the country's first woman president, and has actually been attacked from the communist Chinese for having a "bad temperament" and a "chaos candidate" (sound familiar?) RUSSIA - Vladmir Putin - 2:56 - Putin leads the newly formed All-Russia People's Front, and has become the international leader in the physical fight against Islamic terrorism that threatens the West and his people. Russia and Putin seem open to normalizing relationships and avoiding wars and conflicts with the West when Trump becomes America's president. INDIA - Narendra Modi - 3:01 - India's prime minister and leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Narendra Modi is ardently against the globalist powers that take advantage of his country and has also been continuing to lead the centuries old struggle of India against Islam and neighboring Pakistan. India's Hindu population there and in the US support Trump and have witnessed first hand the invasion of Islamic terror. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - DONALD J. TRUMP - THE WHOLE VIDEO - Donald J. Trump, the man himself has built up a business empire in New York City and the rest of the country and has always loved the country and it's people. After seeing the injustices of the establishment in the United States let in the globalist powers that have weakened the nation, he stood up to run for the highest office in the land to do in what his says in his own words "I love people and I want to do right for people" and to of course, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Trump stands for American identity and for all American citizens, leading the fight against the corrupt Clintons, globalist conglomerates and wall street banks, tyrannical Islamic terror, and the loss of America's history and place in the world. Some have asked why am I missing Israel, reason one was time constraints, reason two is to showcase other countries that have been fighting against tyranny around the world. As someone with roots in the region, and a great-grandfather who escaped the region as one of the last Christians in Lebanon, Israel does stand as an important ally in our fight against Islamic terror, and their flag is featured in the video as a nod to them in the Geert Wilders PEGIDA rally. The conspiracy about the Jews taking over the world doesn't have real grounding, as people who are ethnically Jewish like George Soros are actually anti-Israel and he turned against his own people in WWII to work with the Nazis - these few powerful, globalist, false "Jews" ruin the image for the rest of the good Jewish people here and in Israel that stand with the United States in the fight against globalism and Islamization. Do note that Trump has long standing relations with the Jewish and Israeli people, and that Ivanka Trump is also Jewish, as well as Trump's grand children. Also, I'm looking to refresh the thumbnail for the video, if anybody would like to provide one, please PM me and we can put one up and of course, you will be credited.  
Thank for watching, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

 "O σιωπών δοκεί συναινείν"

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